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Filled Bottle Inspection System

Optomech Engineers Pvt. Ltd.Filled Bottle Inspection System

High performance online system for checking visual defects in filled bottles. Each bottle is inspected for the following defects

  • Fill level.
  • Cap presence.
  • Tamper band presence and integrity.
  • OCR/OCV.
  • Inkjet printing code presence/absence.
  • For world-class inspection capabilities that save you valuable time and cost, there’s simply one solution Filled Bottle Inspection System – Only from Optomech.
  • The Filled bottle Inspection system provides a powerful combination of exceptional accuracy and quick, easy programmability.
  • Setup and operation are vastly simplified by our proprietary tools and intuitive touch based user interface.
  • The system incorporate powerful yet easy-to-use algorithms to provide unparalleled inspection capabilities.
  • It is specifically designed for detecting liquid levels, presence of cap and tamper detection on bottles.TheInspectionsystemiscompactindesignandcanbe easilyintegratedintoexisting productionlines.
  • Our easy to visualize tool clearly shows a history of defects, with this it is very easy to identify defect trends, and the user can take corrective action accordingly.
  • Provides statistical information to support process control.