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Bottle inspection system

Optomech Engineers Pvt. Ltd.Bottle inspection system

Bottle Inspection System

Advanced bottle inspection system with an outstanding inspection performance

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  • During the process of bottle manufacturing a number of defects are generated, due to unavoidable conditions such as temperature variations, raw material defects, contaminations etc.
  • But customers today are becoming more and more demanding and have zero tolerance for defective products. It is essential for bottle manufacturing companies to inspect 100% of their product.
  • It is not possible to do so anymore by the traditional methods of manual checking and sorting. The BIS-XL is a high performance system which does 100% inspection and sorting of bottles for all possible defects automatically and ensures peace of mind for manufacturers as well as their customers.
  • Optomech Engineers is an established manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Bottle Inspection System, Closure Inspection System, Label Inspection System and Induction Sealing Integrity Verification System.
  • Founded in Hyderabad, India in 1981, Optomech has over 37 years of experience in successful development, manufacturing, servicing and marketing of products involving vision technology for quality inspection.
  • We are closely orientated towards the needs of the market. We are one of the leading providers of vision technologies for quality inspection. Renowned companies place their trust in the solutions and services provided by Optomech.

Salient Features

Better Speed, Security and Accuracy

High speed, machine vision cameras, precision optics and customised lighting coupled with state of the art 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software provide security, accuracy and repeatability.

Each bottle is inspected for multiple defects

Each bottle is inspected for defects like spots, material inclusions, color smears, color shade variations, flashes, ovality, diameter variations, holes and transparency.

System Changeover for Faster Inspection

System changes over quickly to inspect new products. Changeover involves simply selecting the required product from the system library using the touch screen.

Role-based 3 Level Access 

3 Level access control for ‘User’, ‘Supervisor’ and ‘Administrator’ through separate passwords.

Easy to Define Tolerances Level

Easy to define tolerances allow the user to decide which bottles need to be accepted or rejected.

Full Visual Defect Detection

Large monitor displays the image of the bottles as they are passing through the system.


    • Vision system consists of a number of high speed machine vision
      cameras, high resolution optics and custom designed
    • Bottles are transported through the system with the help of
      two conveyors.
    • Ergonomically designed enclosure with alarm and door
      interlocks to prevent accidental opening during process.
    • Data processing unit with 21“ touch screen monitor.
    • Pneumatic ejection mechanism to eject the rejected


    • Bottles are picked-up from the blow molding
      machine’s conveyor by a clamp conveyor provided
      in the bottle inspection system.
    • From the clamp conveyor the bottles are transferred
      to the flat belt conveyor.
    • As the bottles pass through the system the high
      speed camera capture images of the bottles from all
      directions, the images are processed in realtime to
      detect the defective bottles.
    • Defective bottles are ejected from the system with
      the help of the pneumatic ejection mechanism.


    • Large monitor displays the images of the bottles as they
      are passing through the system.
    • Results of the last 100 bottles are displayed onscreen.


Inspection results are stored in the data base product wise
Detailed statistical reports can be generated and viewed in excel



Typical Defects

  • Bottle shape variation
  • Incomplete blowing
  • Color Shade Variation
  • Black spots
  • Flashes, Extra material
  • Under/Short moulding
  • Contamination
  • Burn spots
  • Coving .
  • Short molding
  • Extra material
  • Ovality
  • Diameter variation
  • Transparency
  • Ovality
  • Holes
  • Thin wall
  • Pin Hole
  • Incomplete blowing
  • Black spots
  • Thread Damage
  • Contamination
  • Black spots
  • Incomplete blowing
  • Dark spots
  • Mateial Insert

High performance Bottle Inspection Machine

High-resolution inspection for complex bottle geometries, shapes, colors and material as well as transparent, opaque, shiny or matte bottles

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Optomech’s Multiple camera  advanced software allows the complete bottle to be inspected while virtually eliminating false rejects.s provide all round inspection of top sealing surface.

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