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Desiccant Canister Inspection System


High performance system for inspecting Silica gel canisters and caps, multiple cameras perform all round inspection of canisters at up to 300 cans per minute, the stand alone machine consists for the feeder and ejection system, and an ergonomically designed enclosure. The user friendly software, allows the user to set the criteria and tolerances for rejection.


Inspection Images

Inspection Points

  • Incomplete blowing or plastic part shape variation.
  • Height variation.
  • Short moulding.
  • Flashes, extra material.
  • Under/short moulding, Nicks, Dents.
  • Ovality, Diameter variation’s.
  • Black Spots on the outer surface.
  • Mesh defect- Broken Mesh, Blocked Holes.
  • Grease inside (blocking the hole).
  • Large Hair inside the cap.

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Technical Specifications

Model Optomech – Desiccant Canister Inspection System
SPEED Up to max 250-300 Caps/min.
Plastic part size Height: 50 Min/ 200 mm max
Width: 110 mm Max
Depth/Dia: 95 mm Max
ACCURACY 0.1 mm For plastic part height of 20 mm.
DEFECTS DETECTED Flashes; Short molding; Diameter, Ovality variation
Canister base: Mesh Defect, broken Mesh, blocked holes
MACHINE SIZE Length: 1850mm
Weight: 150 Kg
MACHINE SIZE Main conveyor: Belt
Width : 60 mm
Length: 1850mm
Belt Speed: Upto 30 m/min
CONVEYOR Electric: Voltage and Current: Ac 415 v 3 phase, 5A.
Compressed Air : 6-10 Bar, oil free clean air, Push in connection 6mm.
OPERATING CONDITIONS Temperature: +10 °C to +40°C
Humidity: 40% -90% RH, non-condensing.
Maximum operating altitude: 1900 m

Machine Dimension


Download Desiccant Canister Inspection System Broucher